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    Joseph Sugarman

    Chairman of the Board at BluBlocker Corporation

    t is with great pleasure that I endorse Mr. James Feldman. A friend, a business associate, a consummate professional and perhaps one of the most creative people I will ever meet. When he solves a problem for your business, my experience is that it will be totally out of the box and a solution that you have never thought of. Jim is a perfect solution for the difficult business climate that we all face today. His marketing acumen and inside-the-box solutions often leave business leaders and consultants in the provermid-80s. Over the past few years, Jim has developed a unique professional speaking practice that directly combines his vast business knowledge with his warmth, candor, and fascinating personal history. Jim is a true entrepreneur and brings that experience when working with any size company. He is a person of personal integrity, a genuine pleasure to work with,bial dust.

    I’ve known Jim since the mid 80’s. Over the past few years, Jim has developed a unique professional speaking practice that directly ties in his vast business knowledge with his warmth, candor, and fascinating personal history. Jim is a true entrepreneur and brings that experience when working with any size company. He is a person of personal integrity, a genuine pleasure to work with and one of the funniest people I know. I recommend him and his companies without hesitation.

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    Gail Englesbe

    Sr. Operations Manager at Medidata Solutions

    I had the distinct pleasure of working with Jim during International Customer Service Week. Jim was our organization’s keynote speaker for BASF’s Customer Care Summit.
    Jim’s innovative and creative mind enabled him to communicate to every level of the organization. He truly captures his audience and keeps their attention by delivering powerful and thought-provoking dialogue.
    Jim delivered his speech at three Customer Care hubs for BASF, I received feedback such as “the best speaker we’ve ever been exposed to”, “I’m going to use his tips right away”, “Jim really gets it”.
    I highly recommend Jim and would hire him again for any type of keynote speaking engagement.

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    Brian Cassidy Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

     Jim is the "go-to" guy when it comes to developing a promotion that will be both unique and deliver hard results. Jim partnered with Hyatt to create the first of its kind individual incentive travel certificates. This innovative solution literally shifted the entire incentive industry. His industry connections to facilitate those special opportunities that he provides his clients are extensive and impressive.

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    Padraic Gilligan

    Managing Partner at SoolNua & Chief Marketing Officer at SITE

    I've known Jim since the 90s having left retailing for a role in the world of business. Jim is a polymath, a modern-day Leonardo who over-achieves at whatever he does. He doesn't follow trends, but makes them and then his curious, restless mind moves on in search of the next challenge or adventure.

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    Dave Hawn President & CEO

    ECMC Group

    ,.He was engaging, humorous, and on-point while discussing the serious topic of change. He shared his experiences and his 'aha moments', As the leader of a company undergoing significant change,I wanted to bring in an outside speaker to help our employees not only to cope with change,but embrace it.


    Enter Jim Feldman, our keynote speaker at our all-employee meetings,who was engaging, humorous and on-point while dealing with the serious topic of change. He shared his experiences and his 'aha moments' such as learning from failure, taking charge of change, and focusing on the future instead of the past.


    More importantly though, Jim Feldman helped our employees leave the sessions with less fear about change.


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    Mark Chellis

    Global Alliance Marketing Director at VMware-Motorola

    Unfortunately, the check box's do not begin to allow me to describe the creativity, expertise, integrity, and friendship of James D. Feldman.

    I have known Jim for a very long time and yet I am continually in awe of his amazing capabilities - which he seeks to grow and develop daily - and his vast capacity to apply his experience to any business challenge.

    James Feldman is tailor-made for the challenging business climate that we all face today. His marketing acumen and out-of-the-box approach (often stretching the boundaries of any geographically shaped problem), leave conventional business leaders and consultants in the proverbial dust.

    Over the past few years, Jim has developed a unique professional speaking practice that directly ties in his vast business knowledge with his warmth, candor, and fascinating personal history.

    It is with great pleasure that I endorse Mr. James Feldman. A friend, a business associate, a consummate professional, and perhaps one of the most creative people I will ever meet.

    If your business requires the best with the highest ROI, and if you need to grow your business and inspire your peers and constituents to see things in a "new light", then I would strongly urge that you contact James Feldman.


    James has an incredible sense of creativity, energy, and integrity that he brings to every project and program. I can always count on James to deliver first-class results!

    Please don't hesitate to call or write if you require further information regarding Mr. Feldman.

    Mark Chellis
    Sr. Director, WW Channel Marketing
    Motorola '
    Enterprise Mobility Business

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    Tasso Pappas (CITE, CIS)

    VP International Business Development at GNOMON PERFORMANCE SA

    Jim Feldman always surprised me for his innovative thinking, clear vision, and extraordinary power of persuasion and professional qualities. He is recognized in our industry not only as an exceptional Incentive professional but also as a powerful speaker who’s messages stay in your memory for ever. I wish I had the chance to here him speaking more often

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    Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG-5000+

    Professional Speaker, Conference Producer, National Magazine Columnist

    Jim Feldman is amazing. Often times when writing a testimonial for a dear friend, I cringe and grope for things to say. NOT so with Jim Feldman.

    Where do I start? He's an incredible speaker, trainer and presenter...a master of the stage and spoken word.

    His knowledge of hospitality and client motivation is unexcelled. A gourmet and wine expert...world-class.

    He's a businessman keenly aware of the market...a deal-maker...a connector, putting products and services in front of those that truly need them.

    BUT, to me, most of all; he's a trusted friend. His word means something and his handshake is an unbreakable contract.

    I'll put my name on his integrity.


    A 20-year relationship as friends and professional speakers; Jim Feldman is dynamic and informative. My admiration for Jim goes beyond his words, it's the concrete results he produces that sets him apart from most speakers. JiM Ziegler

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    Stacey Milne

    VP, Portfolio Marketing Strategy + Planning Marriott Corporation

    Working with Jim both as a fellow Incentive Research Foundation Trustee and as a customer of Marriott is a delight. He challenges our thinking, proposes innovative ideas, and develops creative solutions. If you are looking for someone to help you overcome obstacles and see the possibilites from a new lens, Jim is a terrific partner!

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    Mark Sanborn

    President at Sanborn & Associates, Inc. | Leadership Keynote Speaker | Keynote Speaker | Motivational Speaker

    Jim Feldman is one of the most creative, connection-making, opportunity-creating people I know. Among the many things I admire about Jim in addition to his own creativity and ability to teach others is his hustle and drive--in the best sense of both words. Jim makes things happen and shows others how they can, too.

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    Betty Grogan

    AVP, NA Channels at Ergotron

    Jim Feldman goes beyond just an entertaining presenter; he reads his audience and captivates you with spot-on examples that hit home, and then moves you to participation and shifting your way of thinking. He is able to demonstrate ideas simply but with relevance to a wide variety of participants – and the take-home tools reinforce the training for days and months to follow.

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    Mike Willett

    owner/director at MW Mobile Media

    James is one of the best and brightest "thinkers" I know. Creative, intelligent, organized but outside the box. James is the kind of individual that can create ideas and solutions in most any situation, and is a real treasure of implementation of his creative talents, which are many.

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    Mary Gallo

    Global Account Director - Luxury Sales at Starwood Hotels & Resorts

    Jim is dynamic, creative and always forward-thinking. He is a charismatic speaker who engages his audience.

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    Bent Hadler, DMCP, CIS

    ADMEI President 2015 | Destination Management, Incentives, Meetings, Conferences | Business Development Consulting

    I have had the opportunity to hear James speak at two different conferences, and both times you nailed it so well, that I can't help but wanting to recommend you as speaker.

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    Ileana Rousseau

    Director of Sales and Marketing at Royale Caribbean Resort and Spa

    James is definitely the go-to guy. He has a way of putting things in a whole new light that is always spot on and inspirational. James can command an audience but with the greatest humility and cleverly engage them with a quick wit and truly genuine sincerity that appeals to everyone and anyone. I am so grateful to know him and feel very fortunate to have had him both as a speaker and a coach.

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    Ella Messerli

    Director at Hotel El Ganzo Grupo Questro

    It has been a pleasure and joy to work with James Feldman over several years and visits, when he mesmerized Marquis Los Cabos ( a Leading Hotel of The World) workforce with very motivating Service & Customer CARE seminars. The results were immediately felt and longlasting, translating into reputation improvement as well as sales growth. I will always have James as my first speaker at any business that I run because he delivers tangible results to a team. Thank you Jim!

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    Jim McNabb


    James Feldman is one unique thinker and conception pioneer. With every project in which Jim is involved, there is certain to be an incredible menu of creativity and intention.
    It was our pleasure to work with Jim and his company operating a corporate program in New York City. Working with Jim provided an opportunity to witness this man's gifts for creating new approaches and tactics to achieve objectives. Jim quietly but effectively develops effective new means to motivate people, an amazing skill that this man has mastered.
    Jim Feldman is a remarkable person of unusual integrity and directness which added to the experience of working together.
    Jim continues to create and share ideas with his clients and colleagues around the world, something from which we all benefit.
    Jim McNabb

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    Erica Haupert

    Vice President Studio Relations at Motion Picture Licensing Corporation

    What can I say that hasn't been said already? I have had the great pleasure of working with Jim on several projects and he is not only an impeccable professional, but his high level of commitment and attention to detail is second to none. He is an "all hands in" kind of guy and you can't help but catch onto his infectious enthusiasm. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him for years to come.

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    Terry Epton, CIS, CITE, DMCP

    President at Hosts New Orleans

    Anyone who works with Jim will quickly learn what I have about him. He is all about getting the job done, keeping his clients and stakeholders happy, satisfied and comfortable. In a business where we must all take a leap of faith with people from time-to-time; Jim is a very good bet. The guy knows it all and if you should come up with something he doesn’t know, he knows who to call…

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    Marjorie Brody

    Founder & CEO, BRODY Professional Development; Hall of Fame Speaker & Certified Executive Coach

    James is the consummate professional, and a highly regarded professional speaker that I've known through my membership in the National Speakers Association.

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    David Yoho

    Management Consultant & Professional Speaker

    Jim Feldman is one of the most innovative promotional minds of our time. More so, he's kind, respectful and humble. He's not afraid of work and if you ever need help, you might find him first in line.

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    Helen Hill

    owner at Helen Hill Communication

    "I worked with Jim, CEO of Shift Happens, when he delivered a keynote address on quality to an audience of about 300 people. After the meeting, he conducted a workshop on the topic. Both were excellent, entertaining and drove home the point of how to improve the performance of oneself, one's organization and foster awareness of continuous improvement. Jim is a powerful motivational speaker and I recommend him highly."

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    Giovanni Livera

    Lifetime Entrepreneur | Corporate Speaker | Keynote Speaker | Motivational Speaker | Inspirational Speaker

    Jim is one of the most diabolical marketers I know. He is super creative and gets things done. He always has great answer and can see possibilities where others might see walls. Jim is as passionate about life as he is about business.

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    Richard Gaeta

    President, Premier Incentives, Inc.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Feldman when I first became involved with ROI incentive programs some 35 years ago. Jim has always been on stage projecting meaningful insights into the strategic way of designing and developing a powerful and successful incentive program and all of its key elements.

    You will always make the right decision by asking Jim to present his years of experience to your targeted audience.

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    Peggy Whitman, CITE, CIS

    Account Manager, National Group Sales at Marriott International

    Jim Feldman is one of the most creative individuals I have ever encountered. He definitely thinks outside the box and has helped me with some great ideas for some of our events. He also is an engaging and intriguing speaker that has brought rave reviews.

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    Terri Steinberg

    Sales Manager, Midwest USA- Singapore Airlines

    I have had the brilliant opportunity to work as a vendor with Jim on client incentive programs. He is a consumate professional, detail oriented, deriving terrific results. I have also been present at several of his speaking engagements...WOW! He draws the crowds to their feet. Inspiring, humorous, knowledgeable.

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    Jerry Bower

    President & CEO, Wine Galaxy, Inc.

    James is an ultimate professional in everything he does. Whether he is doing motivational speaking or strategic planning for a Fortune 5000 company, he is thoprough, strategic, and results oriented. I have known and worked with Mr. Feldman professionally for some 22 years and give him the highest recommendation possible. He not only make "Shift Happen", he helps makes "Business Happen" in an exemplary fashion.


    My relationship with Jim Feldman dates back to 1986 at which time he and his company performed incentive travel programs and orchestrated several impactful National Incentive Sales Conferences for us at Apple Computer. At that time, I was Apple's National Marketing Director in charge of Apple's National Incentives Division

    James Feldman Associates quickly became an invaluable resource to us and did an outstanding professional job in these regards. In every case, their work was exemplary and always done in a very timely and effective manner.

    Since my years with Apple, I have further engaged Jim and also recommended him to many other business colleagues who have likewise used and been very pleased with Jim's different marketing and advertising related services. I continue to maintain a very positive relationship with Jim Feldman and have no reservations about using and/or recommending his fine services. I recommend him highly!

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    Lillian Bjorseth

    Networking & Communication Skills Speaker, Author; Creator/Producer of Biz Conference for Women over 50/Chicago area

    When you are looking for an entertaining, educational speaker with a profound messge, hire Jim Feldman. I've been a fellow National Speakers Association member for several years and have enjoyed being part of Jim's presentations. I also served on the board of the Illinois chapter with him.

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    Allan E. Krantz, MBA

    Retired Marketing Executive

    James is an outstanding motivational speaker who I have had the pleasure of hearing at a number of business seminars over the past few years. He also did an outstanding job of providing me with the perfect high end gifts for my best Players when I worked at Sycuan Casino. I highly recommend his services.

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    Dale Irvin

    THE PROFESSIONAL SUMMARIZER ♦ CEO, Just Imagine ♦ Humorist ♦ Author ♦ Professional Speaker

    If your organization has a problem, Jim Feldman has an answer. In fact, he has lots of answers because Jim looks past the obvious into a world of possibilities and comes up with multiple solutions before finding the one that's right for you.

    He is creative, has integrity, and a funny sense of humor. Jim looks at the complex world and finds simple solutions that can be implemented. Bottom line he shows his clients a new pathway to reach the top. If you have lots of 'bad shift' in your life or business give him a call. He makes Shift Happen in a good way.

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    Megan Bower

    Realtor Specializing in Residential, Waterfront & Beach Real Estate in the Tampa Bay Area

    Jim is one of the most creative people I know. He provides a wide array of solutions to business challenges, and implements them with perfection.

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    Paul Kiewiet MAS

    Executive Director,MiPPA,Promotion Expert,Leadership Coach, Teacher, Trainer, Mentor, Speaker, Writer, Dad

    Jim has always demonstrated leadership and a passion for personal and industry improvement and growth. An articulate speaker and respected author, Jim gives back and elevates the industry for everyone.

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    Jennifer Brock

    Travel Manager at O.A.R.S. Incentives

    Jim is a dynamic presenter, and uses humor in making his point. His message is timely and timeless. An entertaining yet memorable and right-on speaker.

    Jennifer Brock

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    Roberto Rossi

    Co-Founder at VISCERAL Brand Development & Dissemination

    James is a man who obviously understands people and how to get the best out of them in a business context. He is one of the rare people I've encountered who can effectively apply insight gathered in one field of business to another. His passion and conviction are undeniable. Definitely worth sitting next to in Business Class...

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    Jamie Miller

    Sales Consultant for Hatchbuck: Sales and Marketing Software for Small Business

    Jim spoke at the 2006 Incentive Industry Summit in Whistler, Canada. He was easy to work with and was able to link his message of the ever changing business environment to the message of our organization to meet our objectives. Jim demonstrated a vast knowledge of the topic and connected with our audience.

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    Steve Karoul

    President & CEO, Euro-Asia Consulting, LLC

    Shift Happens:
    As Vice President of Casino Marketing at Foxwoods Casino in CT, I always was on the lookout for creativity and innovation that could be transfused to our casino customers. Jim Feldman was everything that we were looking for in one smiling, friendly package. Jim has a natural ability to understand people, marketing and business. The casino business is not an easy business to understand but Jim adapted quickly and helped us develop many innovative solutions to rather complex problems since we also had to factor in various personality and ego issues in dealing with high-roller customers. In the casino industry, "Shift Happens" every day and Jim taught us how to handle it flawlessly. Jim never flinched even under extreme pressure and always managed to help us obtain our objectives and revenue goals. Understanding 'Shift Happens' helped us to better understand our own business and continually improve it.

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    Dr Jonathon Day

    Associate Professor at Purdue University

    Jim is one of the most creative thinkers in his field ! A true innovator who understands how to get things done. Jim is also a truly gifted communicator.

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    Martha Lanier - Motivational Keynote Speaker

    Empowering Women on Courage and Confidence - Cancer & Heart Attack Survivor, Skydiver, Iron Girl Triathlete, Author

    As a fellow speaker, I first met Jim when he presented during a special session at the annual convention of the National Speakers Association. His generosity in sharing his experience and expertise was phenomenal. Several years later when I was serving as VP of Programs for the Georgia chapter of NSA, I was thrilled when he accepted my invitation to speak to our chapter. His presentation far exceeded everyone's expectations. Jim has a huge heart and an ability to connect with his audiences both as a leader and as a friend.

    Martha Lanier
    President IGNITE Your Potential Inc
    Past President National Speakers Association-Georgia Chapter

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    Steve Waterhouse

    Predictive Index Assessments, Sales Training, Consulting

    Jim is a breath of fresh thought in a world too satisfied with sameness. His innovative ideas consistently raise the bar for clients and colleagues alike. His effective implementation has made him a model of success as he consistently puts his ideas into practice with highest possible standards.

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    Kimry Bassett

    Implementation Consultant at Medidata Solutions

    James leaves me in awe. James knows what he wants and he knows how to get it done. I have known him for 19 years and have always been amazed at his business skills. I first started working for James in a warehouse filling prize boxes and even at that level, James was hands on involved and expected the best.
    His creativity is shown in everything he does in my eyes. From photography for ads to finding the right person for the job, James thinks outside the box.
    The best thing about James is that he can keep things fun. I think that if it isn't fun to some degree, he will either stay away from it or put a twist on it somehow to make it fun.
    Stay yourself Jim!!!

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    Lori Petitti

    Producer at Trailer Park

    Jim is a highly personable professional who can take a common day business transaction and turn it into an affair to remember! His ability to research, create, and implement projects is an asset to any organization. It's magic!

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    Mike Rayburn

    "What If...?" Keynote Artist

    I have worked with Jim Feldman in a number of capacities over the past five years. I have found him to the consummate professional at all times, to always exceed expectations, and to give generously without expectation of reciprocation. But more than that, he's just plain GREAT at what he does. Be it speaking, marketing, consulting or strategic planning, in musical terms he's a virtuoso.

    I gladly stake my reputation on recommending him implicitly.


    Mike Rayburn
    Comedy String/Sony Red

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    Voss Graham

    CEO / Sr. Business Advisor at Inneractive Consulting Group, Inc.

    Jim is a highly creative, yet, practical business consultant. He has experience in working with small to very large clients with equal levels of success. Sometimes it appears that he is some kind of miracle worker, what he is really doing is just plain old out working everyone else. When you have someone of high working standards coupled with incredible creativity- well he could be the miracle worker! Needless to say, I highly recommend this incredible person to anyone that wants to grow their business.

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    Mike Arkes

    President at Helping Hand Incentives, dba Helping Hand Partners

    Jim and I have known each other for about 25 years. During that period we have both competed with each other and have done business together.
    Early in our relationship Jim introduced us to a new concept for the incentive market. Certificates from United Airlines that were designed to be awarded to an incentive program participant. I still remember the presentation he made to a group of us about this new individual travel incentive market. I was amazed. He had no note cards, no slides, and he made a flawless presentation.

    I have listen to Jim present many times in the past 25 years and I still admire what he is capable of doing.

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    James M. Curran--Group Practice Growth Architect

    Chicago Area Group Dental Practice

    I had the good fortune to meet Jim when we were planning our annual sales training event several years ago. We brought over one hundred of our sales associates to a single location for three days of company and product updates, motivation and some fun.

    What stood out about Jim was his thorough and exhaustive research before the event. He was the keynote speaker and had taken the time to learn what many of the participants had accomplished during the past year and some of their strong points. He then weaved his presentation around their experiences so when he finished his remarks not only had he delivered our message but indelibly linked our message to their experiences. The result was the participants eagerly returned home anxious to try out their new sales tools.

    Jim and I have consulted many times since then and I find his advice, presentation skills and vast business understanding invaluable as business challenges continue to arise. I highly recommend Jim to assist in developing the message and then driving it home.

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    Chernise Yvette

    On-Camera Talent::Model::Tradeshow & Event Spokesmodel::V.O Artist::NPC Athlete

    I have had the honor of working for James Feldman on a couple of high profile events. James is professional and personable. He upholds a high level of creativity and integrity. James is a wealth of useful knowledge. I soak up so much information when I am in his presence. His business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit never ceases to amaze me. Any individual or business can benefit from interactions with him. I look forward to working with James again in the future.

    -Chernise YvetteTaylor

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    Doug Smart

    Speaker, Exec Coach. 20+ yrs I've shown execs, managers & teams how to discover & maximize their personal strengths.

    Jim Feldman is a consummate problem solver. He has the keen eye of an entrepreneur and the sharp mind of a CEO for figuring out how to improve business processes. This ranges from back office systems to how to improve customer service at exquisite hotels. And he's a great guy to have as a friend, too.

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    Gayle Carson

    Chief Spunky Old Broad and Founder of SOB Clubs

    James is a highly ethical, creative, knowledgeable business man who is an expert at the bottom line and increasing revenues. In addition he does it with flair yet practical methodologies.

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    Jerry Bower

    President & CEO, Wine Galaxy, Inc.

    My relationship with Jim Feldman dates back to 1986 at which time he and his company performed incentive travel programs and orchestrated several impactful National Incentive Sales Conferences for us at Apple Computer. At that time, I was Apple's National Marketing Director in charge of Apple's National Incentives Division

    James Feldman Associates quickly became an invaluable resource to us and did an outstanding professional job in these regards. In every case, their work was exemplary and always done in a very timely and effective manner.

    Since my years with Apple, I have further engaged Jim and also recommended him to many other business colleagues who have likewise used and been very pleased with Jim's different marketing and advertising related services. I continue to maintain a very positive relationship with Jim Feldman and have no reservations about using and/or recommending his fine services. I recommend him highly!

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    Al Walker

    President & CEO at Al Walker & Associates, Inc.Keynote Speaker, Training and Workshop Leader, Author, and Consult.

    Jim Feldman is one of the most creative and conscientious people I've ever known. He is constantly coming up with new ideas to help his clients and he doesn't hesitiate to share those with his colleagues. Jim truly practices what he preaches in relationships and customer service. His attention to details is unparalleled. He is also an outstanding presenter and speaker whose programs have consistently received the highest marks from his audiences.

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    Jeri Slater

    President of luxury jewerly brand Dannini and Indulge by Dannini

    Jim is a delight to work with. He is a visionary. He provided me guidance and innovative solutions. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedicated efforts help me create leading edge solutions and marketing campaigns. I've worked with Jim for over 12 years in different industries and trust his judgment and advice.

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    Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE

    Funny Keynote Speaker | Motivational & Entertaining Keynote Speaker | Humorist & Stress Reduction Coach

    Jim has been a consistent business resourse for me both as a speaker as I write new material and in the development of the products I use and sell in my programs. He has consistently hit the nail on the head in every project I've consulted with him on and the end result was a better satisfied audience or a vastly improved product. I strongly recommend him as a "one of a kind" dynamic speaker and one of the best business minds I've encountered in my 15 year speaking career.

    Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE
    Member National Speakers Association Hall of Fame

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    Bill Moller

    President at Bill Moller Communications

    Jim was one of my first contacts when I entered the field of public relations in the Fall of 2008. He left an indelible impression as an expansive and creative thinker.

    Of my first business proposal he instantly sized up all of its weaknesses and strengths. As a businessman who can also discern human nature, he was able to help me get right to the nub of my goals in my marketing and sales objectives. He is a man who can "see" around corners and apply his formidable powers of observation and experience to craft amazing solutions to business problems.

    I count him as a mentor but also as a friend.

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    Sherrin Ross Ingram, JD

    CEO making a difference by helping other CEOs make better decisions, maximize effectiveness and inspire stakeholders

    I highly recommend Jim Feldman. He is a truly insightful person. His unique perspectives are capable of helping an organization make true transformational changes.

    broken image

    Mark Morris

    Owner, Dental Salon

    Jim Feldman is a lethal combination of two parts Red Bull and one part Green Beret. He is a tireless and innovative motivator for your entire team. If Jim can't get you or your staff fired up and ready to go, then stick a fork in you - you're dead!

    broken image

    Dan Leong

    Vice President Operations at MeetingAdvice

    I have worked with Jim personally for the past several years and he has provided collaboration on several projects involving incentive strategies, certain vertical markets and maximizing performance potential. Jim has been in the industry for many years and has gained the respect as an Industry Matter Expert on the forefront of incentive deliverables and technology. He has always been available and eager to impart knowledge to others and I have sent members of my staff to classes and lectures that he has conducted at the annual Motivation Show. All have returned with expanded information and most important, an excitement for our industry. I value the fact that I can call on Jim to bounce off new ideas or just discuss the state of and future of our industry.

    broken image

    Joost de Meyer, CIS, CITE, CMM, ACC

    Chairman & CEO First Incentive Travel

    James is a very well respected member in the MICE community. He is an excellent speaker and a teacher for a lot of young persons in this industry. If you need assistance, Jim is always willing to help. It is a pleasure knowing him and considering him to be a friend.

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    Richard Weinstein

    VP Sales and Marketing at Ocean Reef Club

    Jim has a wide breadth of knowledge that allows him to take a high level view of a situation and then identify and address areas of critical need with creative solutions designed around customer perception and need.

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    John Meissner

    Exec. Dir. Corporate Markets at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

    Jim Feldman is an expert in the field of Incentive Travel but is also very knowledgable in the travel industry overall and is now taking on the role of " Guest Speaker" both in industry events but also as a "motivational" speaker. First saw Jim speak at SITE, he was amazing. Entertaining, very knowledgeable on the topic and had the audience "entranced". I wish he had talked all night. He knows his stuff, entertaining to say the least and keeps his audience in tact. Great learning experience when you listen to Jim speak and also quite motivational, he has plenty of drive and shares it with his audience.

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    Julie Samford

    Owner, Realtime Ready

    I met James Feldman at the National Speakers Association convention, and it must have been ten years ago.

    I sat in on his speech, as well as dozens of others over a course of five days. For me to remember to this day that it was "One Size Does Not Fit All," and the fact that I can still recall points that he made about customer service and hospitality, I would have to say that he is quite a memorable presenter. He gets his point across, and I can say from experience that the take-home quality of his message is certainly a lasting one.

    I'd highly recommend James Feldman for driving home any important message that you need conveyed to your employees or customers.

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    Jeff Broudy

    Executive Vice President at United Incentives, Inc.

    I've known Jim for twenty years, first by reputation, then as members of the Incentive Research Foundation. His reputation as an innovator, orator, early adopter and original thinker is well earned.
    Rarely at a loss for words, Jim's passion is supported by a legendary track record of performance.

    broken image

    Kris Calef

    Owner, MonthlyClubs.com

    Jim helped my company launch its entrance into the corporate premium/incentive world after 10 successful years in retail. After marketing in the premium space for over five years, I can say with a high degree of confidence that there are few in the industry that are more qualified to consult/advise on what it takes to succeed. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone looking to develop their marketing strategy.

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    David Mulligan, Psy.D., MBA

    Psychologist – counseling, coaching, business consulting, & mediation; Principal, Incentive Services International

    The things I appreciate most about Jim is his honesty and integrity. He is also dynamic, quick, and extremely creative. Jim offers a unique combination energy, enthusiasm, and sees opportunities in every challenge.

    broken image

    Karen Gordon, DMCP

    Founder at DMC Alliance

    Jim Feldman is the most creative Marketing Guru, I know! In addition to Marketing any product, know to Man, he is also one of my all time Favorite Motivational Speakers....and I have heard many over my 30 + year career!

    broken image

    Barb Hendrickson

    Content writer, web design, reputation management, social media, branding, marketing. President at Visible Communication

    Jim is a dynamic speaker who has provided valuable insights on managing change for our Incentive Industry.

    broken image

    Ron Karr

    Author-Lead,Sell or Get Out of The Way. Dynamic keynote speaker, consultant and coach on leadership and growing sales

    James is the ultimate professional speaker when it comes to business success. He knows how to build a business and is the go-to marketing expert. He is also an exceptional motivator. If you want someone to spice up your meetings or give you ideas on how to improve your success, James Feldman is the person you want to call.

    broken image

    Karolyn Graves-Rhodes

    Exective Director of Regional Sales at Wynn/Encore

    Jim is a multi talented individual with a gift of being highly creative and motivational. Wynn Las Vegas has hired him to train, operate key customer events and purchase premium gifts from his unique collection.
    I find Jim to be ethical, positive and motivational in whatever he undertakes.
    All the best!
    Karolyn Graves-Rhodes

    broken image

    Robert Ward, CPIM

    Director of Sales, FRHI Hotels & Resorts - Ovation Rewards

    Working with Jim both as a fellow Board members of both the Incentive Marketing Association as well as the Incentive Travel Council, I have found him to be a man of integrity and, as importantly, curiousity.

    Jim is always asking how can one make things better, more effective and more creative. I can't think of a better attribute for someone in his line of business!

    broken image

    John Meissner

    Exec. Dir. Corporate Markets at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

    Jim Feldman is personable, sociable, consistently reliable and knowledgeable in the Incentive Travel Market. His expertise across a spectrum of all factors relating to the Incentive Travel Market are exceptional and his speaking ability and knowledge are second to none. Entertaining, factual, and comes across very funny at times with full attention from the crowd. Jim is a very knowledgeable person and has done many things for the Incentive Travel Industry thru his membership and dedication to SITE (Society of Incentive Travel Executives).

    broken image

    Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame

    Professional Speaker, CoFounder, SmartHealth

    Jim is an amazing networker/entrepreneur and 'get it done' now guy!
    Great speaker also!

    Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame
    Past President National Speakers Association
    Past President International Federation of Professional Speakers
    Co-Founder SmartHealth, Inc.

    broken image

    Randy Pennington

    Resource for Leaders who Expect Results & Author of Make Change Work

    Jim Feldman is a master at helping you think differently about how to meet and exceed your customers needs and wants. That is a powerful tool as you navigate the shift in marketplace demands and opportunities to grow your mind share with those you serve. He is a triple threat who is equally effective as a presenter, consultant, or fund raising professional.

    Randy Pennington
    Author, Results Rule! Build a Culture that Blows the Competition Away

    broken image

    George Silverman

    President at Market Navigation, Inc. and Owner, Market Navigation, Inc.

    Jim is brilliant. What more can I say? Oh yes, he has a "practical" brilliance, meaning that he not only comes up with amazing new ideas, but they are grounded in a real world practicality that always makes me ask, "Why didn't I think of that, it's so obvious?" I could say a lot more about his deep analytic ability, but it's this ability to "see the obvious" that the rest of us are missing that sets him apart in my mind.

    broken image

    Ian Percy

    Possibilities Expert

    Let me first admit that I have a high preference for being around people who make me think. That's James. No longer will I work with consultants who have only a hammer and walk around looking for a nail. He has huge and varied experience yet comes to every project with a blank sheet ready to help create a unique solution to whatever it is you're working on. Seems to me that if you want to 'own' a particular marketspace you need the help of someone who thinks differently than others do. James Feldman fits that criteria perfectly.

    broken image

    Ramsey Qubein

    Freelance Travel Writer, Correspondent at Northstar Travel Media; Account Executive at Creative Services

    James provides intense value in everything that he does. He's an admirable friend who conducts his business with tremendous class and integrity.

    broken image

    Michael Dunne [Toplinked]

    Business Development Manager

    Jim has a unique ability to connect with his audience and create in them a desire to do thing differently...thereby changing the outcome of their efforts. Truly, when Jim speaks.....Shift Happens.

    broken image

    Mira Temkin

    Senior Copywriter Consultant at Rotary International

    Jim is a very creative, take charge business innovator whose energy and ideas give life to every project. I''ve worked for Jim since the early 80s and I've watched his companies grow as the marketplace changed. His integrity as well as his tried and true principles remain the backbone of his success and continue to engage new believers. Whether presenting to a large audience or via an MP3 player, Jim's passion for his subject makes him a captivating speaker. He knows what works...and why. Put him to work on your side!

    broken image

    Karen Renk

    former Executive Director of Incentive Marketing Association

    During my thirty-year career as an association executive, I have worked with over a hundred professional speakers. Jim Feldman is on my top ten list. His presentations are innovative, captivating and informative. Jim has been a featured or keynote speaker at three conferences I have managed and each time he "wowed" the audience.

    broken image

    Rob "Waldo" Waldman

    Hall of Fame Speaker, CSP, CPAE, MBA, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author

    Jim Feldman is a gem to the speaking world and a businessman who redefines the meaning of 'think outside the box." Not only have I seen him speak, but Ive experienced his creativity and amazing insight into branding and marketing one on one. I always walk away with a few innovative ideas that are relevant to my business (his ideas are never generic).
    Most importantly, Jim is a generous soul with a warm heart and he builds relationships by giving. I consider him a friend and a mentor, and I am blessed to know him.

    broken image

    Mike Frank, CSP, CPAE

    Owner at Speakers Unlimited

    James knows his "stuff" as well as anyone. Whether it be on food, wine, dressing for success or on customer service, he is truly an expert. I highly recommend him

    Mike Frank - Owner/Speakers Unlimited (One of America's oldest speakers bureaus-since 1971)

    broken image

    Mike Rayburn

    "What If...?" Keynote Artist

    Jim is an exceptionally-personable speaker, writer, incentive specialist and organizational master. I have worked with him on multiple occasions with each of his accomplishments surpassing the previous. I recommend him without hesitation. Jim is a total professional and an expert in his field. He delivers more than asked for and I totally recommend him. You will not go wrong by working with Jim Feldman.

    broken image

    Stephanie Arone, DMCP

    President and General Manager at Activity Planners, Inc.

    Jim and his team are true professionals. In all of my dealings with Shift Happens, the quality of product delivered whether it be premium products or content and delivery of message during a speaking engagement, is exceptional. I would not hesitate to utilize their services for client programs.

    broken image

    Shep Hyken

    Customer Service Expert, Keynote Speaker & Best Selling Author

    I have known James for a number of years through our industry association, The National Speakers Assocaition. He is recognized by his peers as an expert on change. There is a lot that James has to offer his clients. I hope you can take advantage of his expertise.

    broken image

    Laurie Brown, CSP

    Communications Skills Speaker and International Consultant and Author

    James is one of the most innovative and creative business people I know. He is also an engaging and entertaining speaker who delivers content that can change the way you do business for the better.

    broken image

    Lorna Riley

    CEO at Chart Learning Solutions

    Jim is a marketing and sales genius. All that he touches turns to gold for his clients. I am continually dazzled by the depth and breadth of this ability to find new and creative ways to help his clients be more successful. It is an honor to call him a colleague and friend.

    broken image

    Jim Cathcart

    Strategic Advisor, Sales & Marketing Expert

    I've worked with and known Jim Feldman for almost a generation. What stikes me about him first is his creative intellect. He sees things that you and I miss. He thinks on a much more effective level than most, especially about marketing. I will continue to learn from him throughout my career and I suggest you do the same.