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    James Feldman Associates, Inc. is a group of diversified sales, marketing, operations, promotion, incentives and branding gurus. Our interlinked companies provide solution driven, customized, consulting and coaching, training /education, implementation services for B2B and B2C Clients.

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    D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customers®

    Creating Meaningful Relationships

    In a world that pushes us down toward the lowest common denominator, we help organizations rise up to leverage their Customers and employees to deliver bottom line results.

    Imagine unleashing innovative Customer solutions with Sherpas to help you navigate along the path to bright ideas? Imagine creating long lasting relationships?


    It's about moving from transactions to transformations in your business relationships.

    Are you ready to take the leap of imagination and think far ahead of your competition, refocus on results rather than efforts, rekindle your passion and pursuit of meeting today's challenges and 'stand on the shoulders' of other innovative organizations?

    Incorporating those answers we collaborate to develop innovative solutions to changing conditions, technology, customer service, leadership, and sales.

    Shifts occur daily. If it's is time to create your 'bucket list' and add value to your organization and life...we can show you how.

    Shifts occur daily. It is time to create your 'bucket list' and fulfill your life...we can show you how.


    http://www.slideshare.net/theinnovator for a few presentations.
    http://shifthappens.com/index.html for more information.

    For more information about Jim speaking at your next event, http://tiny.cc/shifthappensquestionaire

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    Thinking "inside the box."

    If you sell anything to anyone this symposium could change your life. Learn how to promote any product or service on Amazon, Facebook, or in person. These principles were developed and implemented to create some of the biggest sales success in the last few decades.
    WHAT IF?... you looked 'inside the box?

    WHAT'S NEXT? ... if you could provide what your customers need instead of what they want?

    WHAT"S POSSIBLE? ...if you could avoid distractions disguised as opportunities?

    WHY NOT? ... take control of your life, your business, and your relationships?
    This is the real nuts and bolts from Joseph Sugarman and Jim Feldman. They have collaborated since 1982 and produced amazing sales results. 3D Thinking means you go 'inside the box' not remain outside of it. Insider is where you find the problem and most often, the solution.


    Our collective wisdom and marketing advice comes from studying others, perfecting their insights, fighting in the trenches, and creating success triggers that can be applied to selling your products and service. Our symposiums offer step by step marketing secrets in a clear and precise manner that is as exciting and interesting for the novice as it is for the seasoned professional.


    You will discover 'how to make an irresistible offer that could double response.

    How to take product negatives and use them to increase sales of your product.


    From your persuasive presentation skills to the proper use of PowerPoints your completion will help you to achieve your M.B.A. (Massive Bank Account)

    For more information about Jim speaking at your next event, http://jfa.tips/Questionaire



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    Stop Selling. Start Telling.

    For anyone who is interested in selling products or services, obtaining and retaining Customers and employees, and shifting the way people think, not what they think, give us a call or drop us a note to dig into our gold mine of useful information as well as a roadmap to maximizing your chances of success and minimizing the risk of failure on your Journey To Bright Ideas™


    For more information about Jim speaking at your next event, http://jfa.tips/Questionaire

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    Innovative Problem Solving

    Our wisdom is gleaned at the intersection of many distribution and manufacturing channels. This creates a benefit to your organization that stimulates him to synthesize problems and delivers big-picture thinking to his team and their solutions.

    James holds more certifications, in more industries than any other advisor, coach, or speaker. For you, he brings a diverse background. Experts are specialists, as an advisor, he is a deep generalist with a broad perspective.


    TopRecommendedProfessional.com recognized

    James Feldman as one of the top Customer Service coaches.


    Jolt.us Certified James for their unique book live talks

    by the world’s most relevant professionals



    James was earned the highest level of professional accomplishment,

    Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).


    The Certified Speaking Professional designation, established in 1980, is the speaking industry’s international measure of professional platform skill. The CSP designation is conferred by the National Speakers Association (NSA) only on those speakers who have earned it by meeting strict qualifying criteria. The letters CSP following a speaker’s name identify that speaker as a speaking professional with a proven track record for understanding and delivering value from the platform. http://tiny.cc/JDF


    James was the first speaker to ever receive the designation,

    Platform Certified Speaker (PCS)

    by the

    International Platform Association.

    The International Platform Association was founded in 1831 by American diplomat Daniel Webster (1782-1852) and educator Josiah Holbrook. (1788-1854). Jim was also awarded the Silver Bowl Award for Speaking Excellence. Some of the Silver Bowl winners, both living and departed, have included luminaries such as:Lowell Thomas, John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger, Winston Churchill, William F. Buckley, Tom Brokaw, Malcolm S. Forbes, Dick Cavett, Harry Reasoner, Carl Sagan, Earl Warren, Isaac Asimov, and James D. Feldman.


    Other certifications: Certified Incentive and Travel Executive (CITE), Certified Performance Technologist (CPT), Certified Professional of Incentive Management (CPIM), Certified Photographic Counselor (CPT), Certified Food Handling Manager, Managing Real Estate Broker, Certified Innovation Trainer, Certified Dream Manager®, Certified Facilitator, Certified Underwater Photography Instructor, Master Open Water Diver, Private Pilot.


    For more information about Jim speaking at your next event, http://jfa.tips/Questionaire

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    Synectics Open Solutions

    Consultants write reports. We Deliver Results!®


    Our group of business experts explores the widest array of ideas in a controlled and logical process.


    We will share measurable, innovative models that address the latest and future trends in technology, social behaviors of customers, and end users of technology and services, product development, channel distribution performance improvement and capital deployment.


    A team of experienced and talented business experts who produce innovative solutions for your business problems. Like a team of doctors, we examine and re-define your problem, then suggest customized solutions.


    Despite all the talk and excitement about the importance of innovation, managers are frustrated by the absence of a practical program you can apply to innovation in a systematic way that fuels consistent growth and sustained success. We can help!


    If you’re like most business leaders, innovation is high on your corporate agenda. For many organizations, their success depends on innovation.


    However, few companies are satisfied with their ability to execute against the key aspects of innovation – including idea identification, development, commercialization, and achieving consistent innovation performance.


    Our relationship is based on a collaborative workflow innovative solutions process that drives high adoption rates, quickly validating dynamic innovation ideas, while also uncovering where some innovation ideas may fail the “stress test” before investment in time and resources are incurred.


    We help your organization build and sustain a company-wide innovation capability.


    After you submit your ‘problem’ to us our team of experts ‘redefines’ the problem from a totally objective perspective.


    Much like going to a doctor. You tell them where it hurts and then the doctor tells you what’s really wrong and their recommendation for the cure to remove the pain.


    After the initial examination, your organization accepts or alters their decision as to how to solve the problem by engaging our experts or using other resources. Should you wish to have our team work on the problem, you first tell us the amount of pain (usually in dollars, market share, employee retention, etc.) and we collectively agree to work together and determine our ‘dream team’ that is created by our experts offering to engage in the innovative solution process.


    We agree on the scope of work, the desired outcome, and the compensation, which is based on the results we help your organization achieve.


    Our think tank is assembled from our entire group of experts. Each individual is offered the opportunity to work on your project, they are not assigned. Each expert then shares in the revenue which makes them a stake holder in the results we create.


    Our compensation is based on the size of the problem we solve and the results we achieve. We never assess a fee based on the number of hours worked so that you never need permission to ask for more help.


    Our work is guaranteed. We get paid for results, not reports or time cards.

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    Incentive Travelers Cheque® International

    We Drop Ship Travel®


    Hospitality Expert | Consultant | Author Doctor Travel's Cure For The Common Trip


    iT√ has been credited with the creation of individual travel awards. Our CEO, James D. Feldman is considered one of the foremost experts in travel and the creation of Meaningful Memories™. His team provides incentive travel to any size organization.

    Our clients consider us an innovative and cost effective travel or merchandise resource.


    We also created our Concierge Collection of spectacular getaways: Puerto Rico, Costa Rica Mexico, Las Vegas, South America, etc.

    These upscale vacations start with 'meet and greet' at the airport, private car transfer to the property, meeting with the Concierge who has pre-registered the guests, and the additional 'perks' that include food and beverage, as well as optional spa, golf, water park, and other resort property facilities to enhance the stay.


    This was created for those travelers that want to be pampered, treated like a VIP, and have access and privileges that few travelers achieve. Interested?

    Go to www.itcheque.com . www.insidervacationclub.com

    For more information about Jim speaking at your next event, http://jfa.tips/Questionaire

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    Real Estate Division

    Illinois Department License : 471.009564

    Managing Broker


    A group of experienced real estate professionals. Our team has been active since 1971.

    We focus on large condominium conversions, new condominium developments, and landmark buildings that are being renovated to become residential or mixed use. In addition we have expertise in hotels and resorts that offer under realized sales and profits from applying 21st Century branding, marketing, Customer service, and sales.

    Education and training of sales staff, promotions, marketing and insightful 'shifts' in thinking have resulted in some of the most successful real estate projects in Chicago.

    Our real estate experts can leverage their unparalleled resources and original thinking to help navigate large residential projects to commercial properties.

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    Tivoli Chocolate LLC

    I LOV IT handmade artisan chocolate


    Artisan Chocolatier 


    We create unique, hand made chocolates and gift packages.
    Tivoli chcolates are featured in the Bloomer Chocolate retail store.


    Our signature polka dot box is filled with mouth pleasing flavors such as Pina Colada, Rootbeer/Ginger, Lemon Ganache, Carmel Apple, Watermelon, Pistachio, Bacon/Sea salt, Maple, Orange juice with pulp and peel, and Basalmic/ Sirachi.
    Available for ordering on www.tivolichocolate.com

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    Gold Marketing Solution


    With Gold you will always have the perfect gift.


    With Gold you can inspire your customers.


    With Gold you will make a huge impression.


    Because Gold is always a store of value, your customer will never throw it away!


    Competitively priced. www.goldmarketingsolution.com

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    Hired Education For VETS

    Founder | Speaker | Consultant | Author 


    A group of experienced professionals acting in response to returning VETs’ increased need and desire to enter the workplace.

    All of the experts are professional speakers with a focus on the tools needed to transition from the military to obtain new employment opportunities.

    The team members are the architects of a different kind of educational engagement. We provide life-changing insights from leading achievement and business experts.

    Hired Education 4 VETS provides specific, practical, proven strategies for matching the right employee with the right employer -- all taught by a world-renowned, expert faculty.

    Their team partners with sponsors to solve the most pressing hiring challenges met by returning VETs and potential employers. Contact us for more information and event dates.

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